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App Feature Examples

We provide features for user communication in your app.

Create your own custom Feed

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. All apps have an engaging content feed. Why do you not have one? Add your own content with our simple and intuitive accessboard website.
Content Marketing

Release blog posts and ask for Feedback

Wow your audience with a professional-looking email! Start with a template or build a new design from scratch. Add the social buttons for your audience to follow you online.
content Marketing

Quizzes for more Engagement

Boost user engagement and retention. Quizzes offer an effective way to gather user data and preferences, enabling you to fine-tune your app's content and features to better cater to your audience's interests.
Content Markteting

Multiple-Choice Questions

Ask your community for feedback.
This way your learn from their interests and needs. It also helps you to better understand your audience.

Create your own custom ads

With Accessboard, you can create custom ads in a matter of minutes. Choose a title, description, image and website link. Choose the schedule and define when to show the ad (e.g. only once and after the 5th app start).

Create custom poll

You can ask your users for an opionion and show them how it compares You can create polls on our website in seconds.

Use our website to control app content live. It's intuitive!

Address your users directly. Increase Engagement


We make sure our solution is
easy to use for everyone


No hidden costs or surprises.
We provide simple and clear plans.


Our solution saves time & money - while increasing user satisfaction

Safe and protected

We build our technology with strong encryption and security

Built for security
and scale

We know about the importancy of our solution to run without
issues whatsoever. We test our software particularly carefully, implement the latest security measures and build our infrastructure on scalable resources. No matter how many users visit the app at the same time, our service remains accessible at all times.

Save Time & Money

We make sure that you can focus on your core app features.

8-12 Months

is the time you can save when working with Accessboard
instead of implementing similar features with general
purpose content management systems (CMS). Instead of
building smart and engaging user communication features
that can be controlled via an intuitive website, you can
focus on what matters: Unique core app features for your

50.000€ - 120.000€

is the amount of money you save when not building our features yourself. We build app frontend, app ui logic, database, API, and admin web frontend. We take care of security and data cloud infrastructure.

Accessboard helps teams build more engaging apps


For individuals and teams getting started
  • 1 Admin Account
  • 1 Project
  • Unlimited App Users
  • All App Features


For professionals and product managers
0.03Per unique monthly user
  • 3 Admin Admin Accounts
  • 2 Projects
  • Unlimited App Users
  • All App Features
  • Live Interactions


For big projects with
0.05Per unique monthly user
  • Unlimited Admin Admin Accounts
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited App Users
  • All App Features
  • Analytics
  • Live Interactions

Always at your fingertips

You take control. In Real-time.

Project teams are loving Accessboard, see what they say

“Accessboard empowers our entire company to create stunning creativity in a more efficient and collaborative way than anything we’ve used before.”

John Smith CEO @ DeCompany

“Found on @producthunt & purchased it. Love it & will train my team to use it on the go.”

Donat Bytyqi CTO @ DonatiCo

“Italic empowers our entire company to create stunning presentations in a more efficient and collaborative way than anything we’ve tried before.”

Besnik Kosova CEO @ fakeCompany

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